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Formula Vol. 2 - Mp3 Download - 2015

Formula Vol. 2

Deluxe edition. 2014 release from the King Of Bachata. His first solo album, Formula Vol. 1, ''redefined crossover and has taken Bachata mainstream'' (NPR). Now, with Formula Vol. 2, Romeo continues to set the bar in his genre by creating new, unexpected collaborations to fuse further elements of Urban, Pop and Latin styles into the syncopated rhythms and passionate lyrical expression of Bachata. The first single, 'Propuesta Indecente' reached #1 in the Latin Airplay and Hot Latin songs and tropical charts in Billboard, making Romeo the Latin artist with the most #1 hits this decade.

Formula Vol. 2 Tracklist

0 Intro - Vol. 2
1 Inocente
2 Necio
3 Amigo
4 Cancioncitas de Amor
5 Eres Mia
6 Odio
7 Hilito
8 Yo Tambien
9 Fui a Jamaica
10 No Tiene la Culpa
11 Animales
12 Propuesta Indecente
13 Obra Maestra
14 7 Dias
15 Si Yo Muero
16 Outro
17 Trust
18 Mami

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